“GOD THE MOTHER” IS THE “TRUTH” -World Mission Society Church Of God [ WMSCOG] by Christ Ahnsahnghong

The World Mission Society Church Of God  (WMSCOG) believes the truth that God the mother as well as God the father have already come to Korea in the flesh. So I am happy to announce that we are in the  perfect family. We are with heavenly father, Christ AhnsahnghongHeavenly mother the New Jerusalem ,Heavenly brothers and sisters.  Don’t you think it’s great? ^^ Hopefully this post will break your fixed ideas and prejudice about WMSCOG

Among christians, there is no one who says ” I  don’t believe the bible.” If we believe the bible, then, should we believe the fact that God the mother exists as testified in the bible ? Furthermore, this is the time to receive God the mother giving us life .

It is because we are living in the “last age” that the 6,000 years redemption work for us is completed. Which means that God’s people are supposed to receive eternal life in this last age. Then, Who is giving us eternal life at the last day ? God has already taught us about the anwser through earthly life. That’s why God created human being according to God’s image [Gen 1:26-27]...To give us a hint for thatAfter all, the first question is the same as “Who is a last life giver in this earthly life?”  The answer is “ Mother ” 

People who belong to earth receive “physical life from earthly mother”, however, people who belong to heaven receive “spiritual life from heavenly mother”.  The bible clearly tells us that both “the spirit and the bride” are giving us eteranl life at the last day[ Rev. 22:17 ]

Through the trinity, the Spirit is God the father. Who is the bride ? It’s God the mother [ Rev. 21:9, Gal 4:26 ] This is very important issue for our salvation, our spiritual father and Spiritual mother, both exist and  give us life “at the last day”, but its “source” is the ” mother of spirit”,Heavenly mother the new Jerusalem” [Zec 14:8, Eze 47:1] Therefore, Let us rejoice and be glad ! we, members of church of God are blessed to know who is the source of eternal life.

It will turn out “soon” that we are true children of God who belong to heaven and be back heavenly home asap. 

For more info. Pls visit here.

(Video)  http://vimeo.com/uccspaceeng/videos



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  1. How Good News it is! Hope that everybody listens to the truth and come to World Mission Society Church of God where our Christ Ahnsahnghong nim and God the Mother dwell.

  2. Yeah!!!
    We are a perfect family, which have been connected with God’s flesh and blood. How can there be a more perfect family than us? 🙂
    Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing us to be their children.

  3. As existence of mothers on earth is such a blessing to their Children, so the existence of Heavenly mother is the most great blessing that i’ve ever had .

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