Discerning Christ Ahnsahnghong among many false claims – WMSCOG

Many christian people deny the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the founder of World Mission Society Church Of God[WMSCOG] is the second coming Christ, fabricating lies about Christ Ahnsahnghong .
It is because that most Christians are being taught by the different gospel which is far different from Jesus’. They judge Christ Ahnsahnghong by wrong standard- Plz compare current doctrines, so-called “mainstream” with Jesus’ teachings and  examples he set  2,000 years ago, through the bible, then you might be shocked at how much Jesus’gospel have been changed.

Suppose, if we want to copy something, then we should use the same standard of original. otherwise, the result will come out differently from what we expect.

Just a reminder that the ones who claimed to have full knowledge of God and devalued the gospel, calling Jesus’ followers the “Nazarene sect” were “religious leaders”.

Even today, so-called religious leaders and self-proclaimed “cult expert” repeat doing same things like 2000 years ago.  However, please take a look at their standard of judgement, their doctrines they’re teaching now is far different from what Jesus preached. If you have a little study about it, you will see what i saw.

Only one church in the world which keeps the new covenant as Jesus performed is World Mission Society Church Of God.
Therefore, unless we discern Christ Ahnsahnghong through gospel of Early church (New Covenantestablished by Jesus,  we may remain in ignorance about appearance of the second coming Christ   and Christ Ahnsahnghong  may be regarded as noting but a prophet.
In that case,the  salvation won’t be ours.


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  1. Scary that a mere human being can give so much pain to innocent believers! 😦

  2. Thinking of man is extremely limited. So mere man can not fully interpret the words of God.
    So there are so many church and many denomination in the world, but God give us just one , the bible. We must follow the teaching of God and the bible.

  3. As you can see, first of all, their standard is not according to the bible. second, their insists are contradicted. can you believe that?

  4. We must judge right and wrong with thinking of God(in the Bible) not with thinking of men.
    God said to us that the cult is not to follow the bible.

  5. God allowed us the Bible. The Bible should be the only criteria when determining whether an org is a cult or not. Steven Hassan is not a religious expert but a mental counselor. How can he judge other religions? The World Mission Society Church of God follows the teachings of Jesus and observes the New Covenant established by Jesus.

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